Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!  Writing a blog has been on my 'to do' list for the past several years.  With good intentions, I never seemed to get around to actually creating one and making a go of it.  So here I am, it's 2012 and figured its about time to start. The Mayans and their apocalypse are marching on our doorstep and the time is now.  I'm not quite sure where this blog will take us, but here we go.....

One of my biggest passions is being involved in Summer Camps.  At the age of 14, my mom dropped me off for a two week summer camp experience - little did she (or I) know that just two weeks would alter my life.  Since then, I've held a myriad of jobs in the Camping industry and have enjoyed every step along the way.  One of the things that I truly enjoy about camp is the opportunity to impact lives.  Having the opportunity to direct a large summer camp for several years, I loved being part of the process that helped develop campers and staff to achieve their full potential.  Over time, putting together a camp staff to create the magic at a summer camp truly began to resonate with me.  Taking someone from an interview through the completion of a summer, seeing their own expectations surpassed is an amazing feeling.

Two years ago, I began thinking about ways to expand the opportunity to impact lives beyond my own summer camp and began the foundation of starting a side venture/hobby/new company that helps connect International and US students with jobs at summer camps.  Over the past two years, this has grown from an idea to hobby to full fledged company hell bent on providing that same level of inspiration and impact that I experienced to people at summer camps throughout the United States.

To date, it's been fun.  I'm working with several experts in the Camping industry who are also dear friends and one of them took the plunge, quit his 'other' job and began working full time on this endeavor.  To say this is exciting is an understatement.

It's a really neat and scary feeling to go 'all in' on an idea, an investment, and a passion.  There is always the fear of failing, however I've never been so positive to know that we are going to be successful. We are going to impact lives in countless ways, and ultimately make a difference in people's lives.

This is the life I have.  It's 2012 and I'm 'all in' on my professional dream.

What are you "all in" for 2012?


  1. I can't wait to read more! You rock Jeff!

  2. Found your blog through CampHacker. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say, Jeff.