Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Through the years from a young teenager to an adult, one of my most favorite things to do in this world is to sit by a fire and look up at the stars.  There is just something that is awesome about the smell of a campfire, the cool crisp Catskill night air and the evening stars.

I love the stars.  Maybe its because I grew up in New Jersey and was only able to see my allotted 23 stars that were visible through the air of the "Dirty Jerz", I'm not sure - but I find stars that light up a night just breathtaking.

Tonight i discovered a photo taken by Mark Deff Photography of the Frost Valley YMCA.  He captured the essence of those very same stars that I used to look at for countless nights through my youth and adult years.

Thank you Mark Deff.  This photo brought a smile to my face and memories of a wonderful experience at a summer camp.

This Is The Life You Have......

Monday, October 22, 2012

An Idea

In the many years I have been involved in Summer Camps, one of my favorite things to do has been to hire and develop camp staff.  There is something so very awesome in creating a team that will come together from all corners of the world and through their efforts will make positive lasting impacts on the lives of kids.

It's awesome to help coach or even sometimes simply witness the transformation and development of an individual into a leader, a mentor, a coach and a friend.....this magic happens EVERY DAY in a summer camp setting.

In the spring of 2008, I found myself at the American Camp Association's Tri-State Camp Conference in Atlantic City.  As I walked through the vendor exhibit hall, I had an idea. For years I had worked with many international organizations to help find camp staff from various countries throughout the world and helped them become amazing leaders at the camps.  I thought of the thousands of people I had met in my career who came from different countries and worked at camps and thought "I could do this!  I could create a company that takes my freakish passion for camp, staff development and impact and share it with ALL camps"  Imagine the impact!

And for a time.....this idea was simply that....an idea.  It was filed away in my brain with hundreds of other ideas that have been hatched throughout my life.  We all have them - those ideas where we say "wouldn't it be great if we do this......" - and then we file that idea away and never act on it. How many of us have those ideas that are simply just that....ideas?  Imagine if we acted on our ideas and where our lives would be now?

As months passed, this idea never went away, as a matter of fact it began to grow and sprout into several directions.  Within a year,  I had attracted some other like minded individuals to join me in this endeavor. For a few years, we developed and implemented a business plan and had some great successes as this idea evolved into a hobby,

In late 2011, we took the plunge and a business partner (and dear friend), took the plunge, quit his job and began working full time on this endeavor.  I sat back and watched this idea.....this tiny little thought that developed from the passion I had from years in the Summer Camp industry.  It was exciting and slightly terrifying to watch my friend forge out from the comforts of a stable job into a new enterprise.  We couldn't fail now....we had camps depending on us to provide amazing staff, we were recruiting and finding great people from all corners of the globe.  This idea had become reality!

While this idea soared into reality, I found myself itching to join in the fun.  I mean, after all, its no fun sitting on the sidelines watching your idea take off.  After some soul searching, advice, and serious thought, I decided I would 'retire' from my current position with the YMCA and jump into this idea turned hobby that became a business.

After 13 years, I was stepping out of the comfort zone that had been my career with 'the Y' and blazing my own path.  So here I am, in a few weeks I'll be joining in the fun of recruiting people from all over the world and trying to make that perfect match with a summer camp that will help create lasting impact on the lives of kids!

I can't wait.   In the coming weeks, I'm going to be blogging a bit about this transition and this new venture.  In the meantime, I'd like you to meet our idea.  May I present to you......3 Adventures!

What idea do you have that you have been waiting to act on?

This Is The Life You Have.....