Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Through the years from a young teenager to an adult, one of my most favorite things to do in this world is to sit by a fire and look up at the stars.  There is just something that is awesome about the smell of a campfire, the cool crisp Catskill night air and the evening stars.

I love the stars.  Maybe its because I grew up in New Jersey and was only able to see my allotted 23 stars that were visible through the air of the "Dirty Jerz", I'm not sure - but I find stars that light up a night just breathtaking.

Tonight i discovered a photo taken by Mark Deff Photography of the Frost Valley YMCA.  He captured the essence of those very same stars that I used to look at for countless nights through my youth and adult years.

Thank you Mark Deff.  This photo brought a smile to my face and memories of a wonderful experience at a summer camp.

This Is The Life You Have......

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